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  Every small thing we do does add up to make a big difference.    

Lopees are environmentally-friendly reusable envelopes made from organic cotton and manufactured under a fair trade system in India. Lopees can be used for payments and correspondence in schools, organisations and businesses as well as any other number of uses!

We also specialise in Custom made resusable bags made from substainable products such as Jute, Organic and Natural cotton.

As a parent, have you ever found yourself searching the house for a paper envelope to send something to school, or noticed your child's school books ripped and dirty in the bottom of their bag? Why not check out the Lopees product list for all your school and business solutions?

One A4 sized Lopees costs the same as purchasing 20 Internal Mail envelopes. This means that after 20 uses you won't be purchasing more paper envelopes, and your new Lopees will have paid for itself. Think of the savings in paper and waste disposal cost, let alone to the environment!



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